Our Company Vision

Aspiring to become a microfinance company in Kenya, known for quality service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Our Company Mission

To empower the vulnerable people in the community to raise their business to greater heights, by providing loans and encouraging investments.

Building Trusted Partnership

We partner with clients both individuals and organizations

About Us

Your best community credit provider dedicated to Consulting and Finance solutions.

Cahane Pride Community Development Ltd is an aspiring microfinance company incorporated in Kenya with operations in Bungoma County. Anchoraged in creating local opportunities, growth and positive impacts in the community, we provide loans and credit facilities at affordable interest rates.

We are a financial consulting firm that serves all private, public and social business sectors . We help our clients make significant and realize their most important goals they desire to pursue.

Who We are

Join Cahane Pride to experience the best of services, with the best teams.

Mission & Values

To create local opportunity, growth and impact in every community.

Our History

Making rewarding steps in impacting the whole community.

Our Activities

Our Services

Cahane Pride  understands that to help meet client challenges is to
create opportunities successfully in impacting the community.

Loan & Credit Facilities

Cahane avails suitable loans and credit services at affordable interest rates aimed at boosting your business.

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Money Transfer Services

Our clients can access money transfer services at the comfort of their mobile phones.

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Saving Accounts

We provide saving solutions to our clients to help them build a cushion against hard times.

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We have a few formal requirements that we need to make you eligible to access our loan & credit facilities. Click the button below for more information.

Application Forms

You can quickly get started by downloading our application forms which contain all procedures and stipulations for registration.

Why Cahane Pride

Transparency in loan applications.

Affordable interest rates on loans & credit facilities.

Quick and easy to get loan & credit facilities.

Community focused with considerations on the vulnerables.

Our Team

Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.

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If you have any query for related Consulting… Our customer support team available, please contact them.
  • Bungoma, KenyaBukembe Town
    P.O. Box 2178 Bungoma
    Email: cahanepride@gmail.com
  • Mail Us at: info@cahanepride.org

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Our Basic Requirements.

Cahane pride Community Development Ltd will grant loans in accordance to the following requirements:

  1. A member must have been contributing and been active for a minimum period of six months.
  2. The loan must be fully secured.
  3. A member who wishes to guarantee his loan with his own deposits must fill a self-guarantorship form.
  4. Any Category of outstanding loan must be cleared before a new loan of the same category is granted.
  5. No member will be permitted to suffer total deductions including savings, loan repayments and interest more than two-thirds of his/her gross salary/shares.
  6. New loans will be given subjects to the previous loan being regularly serviced.
  7. Incase of any default in repayments, the entire balance of the loan will immediately become due and payable at the discretion of the CAHANE PRIDE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT board of directors and all deposits owned by the member and any interest due to the member will be offset against the balance owed. Any remaining balance will be deducted from the member's salary costs incurred in collection of the loan balance and accumulated interest.
  8. Upon defaults, the CAHANE PCD shall dispose any shares offered as security to recover the amount defaulted.
  9. The loan application form must be completed and supported with PIN certificate, copy of national ID/ passport and any other relevant supporting documents.
  10. An application for a loan shall only be considered when the authorized loan application form has been filled.
  11. No member may withdraw his deposits unless all loans are repaid and all loans guaranteed by him are cleared or replacement guarantors sought for the same.
  12. The funds for the loan approved will be net of the insurance premium, referencing costs and bank charges.
  13. Repayment of the loans disbursed before 15th are due in the same month.
  14. Members who are not in formal employment should attach a letter stating monthly income received and a certified copy of three months bank statement.
  15. A member who has a non-performing loan with other institutions are not eligible for a loan until he/she provides CRB clearance certificate.
  16. A member with a performing loan with default history MUST explain the reason which led to the default before his application can be considered.
  17. A member who has been guaranteed by a defaulter will not be eligible for a new loan or unless he provides a replacement to a defaulter.
  18. The loan will be disbursed to the applicant on or before the expiry of 14 working days.